elle. 22. i do love a key lime pie, even more than a ile flottante !
visits { myrtles gloves }


66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards


You think I’m not a goddess? (insp)

I remember someone came over to the set I was shooting on and said, “Jessica just did that scene with knotty pine and she’s just screaming it in crazy ways!” And when I saw her I said, “I heard it was crazy!” And she said, “Oh yes, that was my Kim Stanley homage.” But that is the only appropriate response to knotty pine. “I’d love to look at knotty pine for all eternity,” said no one ever. - Sarah Paulson


A friend just told me and i had no idea that the 2013 blu ray edition of Matilda had a reenactment of the iconic chocolate cake scene with all the original actors made on their reunion party 


Jessica Lange by Larry Busacca.

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